Guide to Spatial Adaptation

The guide to spatial adaptation offers assistance in climate-proofing and water-resilient planning in your area. The guide is intended as a practical tool for how to handle adaptation in relation to the maintenance of public space, choice of location for new housing or infrastructure, granting of permits and investment decisions.

These guidelines were drawn up in 2014. In 2018, the Delta Programme presented the seven ambitions of the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation. The seven ambitions of the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation reflect a more detailed elaboration of the Guidelines for Spatial Adaptation set down in 2014.


Analysing your area




Formulating your ambition

Objectives and challenges



Policy and implementation

Policy Assurance


There are no predetermined standards or targets available for many aspects of water-resilient and climate-proof planning. Parties involved therefore must formulate their own objectives and ambitions. The guide can assist in this process. The steps do not need to be completed in a particular sequence. You can start by formulating your ambition, or start with the problem analysis; sometimes formulating a development plan is the motivation for using the guide. The basis of the guide to spatial adaptation is the  Climate-proof cities Manifest (in Dutch).