Climate Adaptation City Deal

Changing course in thought and action

Climate-proof planning, construction, and living require a change of course in thought and action. For example, governments will need to take a different approach in the planning of public space. Residents can also (learn to) deal differently with climate change, such as by converting to green roofs or greener gardens. Climate-proofing cities requires that governments join forces with increasingly more other parties, from local governments to developers, from policy-makers to managers, from administrators to residents. Intensive collaboration is the key.

Innovation experiments

The Climate Adaptation City Deal is a collaborative agreement between fourteen public partners and twelve (semi) private collaboration partners. The City Deal partners are intensifying their collaboration in an open culture of learning, experimenting, and innovating. The collaboration is manifested in a collection of pilot projects, in which we are working on the activities that help us attain the goals of the Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation. These goals are: climate-proof development, construction, and management by 2020, being climate-proof by 2050.

Developing breakthroughs

Next year, the Climate Adaptation City Deal will focus on the development of breakthroughs with respect to six different themes, ranging from supporting societal initiatives to international collaboration in complex urban adaptation issues. Within these themes, we will be setting up concrete projects to work on new forms of governance and funding constructions, and new innovative solutions. Some projects mainly revolve around combining knowledge and experience, others involve joint experimentation and accelerating innovations. This generates unique sample processes and completed projects, that foster internationalisation: climate-proof cities as an export product.

City Deal as a network organisation

The Climate Adaptation City Deal is an open network organisation, in which experts and administrators jointly work to improve the approach to climate adaptation, and identify breakthroughs and obstacles. Each partner is in because the network is of use to him, and because he is prepared to contribute his experience and knowledge. This produces an enormous added value in complex issues, allowing the various partners to profit from one another. A strategy group of committed administrators and critical thinkers from outside the network helps the partners by providing advice on more efficient regulations, funding, and governance.

More information on the Climate Adaptation City Deal is available on the website

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