Sign the Declaration of Intent

In order to continue to enjoy living, working, and recreation in our country, we need to design our cities with the future in mind. We have to develop urban areas that are able to withstand pluvial flooding, drought, heat, and the impact of a potential flood. Are you working on or would you like to work on climate-proofing urban areas and improving their water resilience? Then please sign the Spatial Adaptation Declaration of Intent.


Since 9 October 2014, more than 100 parties have signed the General Declaration of Intent on Spatial Adaptation (pdf, 3.2 MB). Together, these private parties, NGOs, knowledge institutes, and individual governments represent some 10,000 organisations. By signing the Declaration of Intent, they are forming a “coalition of the willing” focused on climate-proofing and the water-resilient planning of urban areas. For the period from 2015 to 2020, they will enter into a best effort obligation, and they have expressed their willingness to reach relevant implementation agreements with other parties.

You may join this coalition by signing the Declaration of Intent on Spatial Adaptation. The accession procedure is outlined in this document (docx, 29 kB). Once your signature is received by the Spatial Adaptation Delta Programme, your organisation will be added to the list of signatories, and the signatories of the Declaration of Intent on Spatial Adaptation will be informed accordingly.

Download the Declaration of Intent! (pdf, 160 kB)

Close a Spatial Adaptation Deal

An additional contribution to realising the intentions reflected in the Declaration of Intent on Spatial Adaptation may be made by setting down and signing your own regional or local declaration of intent: a Spatial Adaptation Deal. Such a Spatial Adaptation Deal enables parties to perpetuate their collaboration in order to contribute to the water resilience and climate-proofing of urban areas in the Netherlands, by making concrete agreements regarding a specific project or programme. These may be major or minor projects or programmes, focused on water or drought. Scope and topic do not matter, as long as they foster the climate resilience of a particular area. To inspire you, we have listed some declarations of intent underpinning these deals.

Would you like to sign the Declaration of Intent on Spatial Adaptation, and/or do you have ideas for elaborating a Spatial Adaptation Deal? Or would you like to communicate an ongoing deal? Then please send an email to