Teachers and students

This page provides an overview of Higher Education programmes and practice-oriented research relating to spatial adaptation. It also contains associated instructional materials and knowledge clips that you may incorporate into curricula. The use of the knowledge portal is also addressed.

Study programmes

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Instructional materials

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Practice-oriented research

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How to use the Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal

  1. One of the tools available in this portal is the Climate Impact Atlas. This interactive tool maps out (future) threats of coastal or river flooding, pluvial flooding, drought, and heat stress. The atlas may be used to give students an impression of the effects that (could) play a part in an area.
  2. The Green-Blue Grids and the Climate App tools assist in designing a sustainable, resilient, and climate-proof environment. Students gain insight into potential design solutions and appropriate measures.
  3. In addition to the tools listed above, this page contains an overview of tools available to embark on spatial adaptation. A filter enables you to select tools and opt for free or paid tools.
  4. The Map of Showcases shows which parties in the Netherlands are implementing spatial adaptation. Are you engaged in spatial adaptation yourself, in the context of a work placement or as a final thesis? Let us know and see your project tagged on the map!
  5. Students may choose the topic of spatial adaptation for their work placement or final thesis. For example, a student has mapped out the vulnerabilities and opportunities related to climate change for the Municipality of Sittard-Geleen. Are you looking for a trainee post? Contact us and we will help you look. Are you a student on work placement or working on a thesis related to spatial adaptation? Send us a message. We would be happy to make the results available through this portal.