Soil and Subsoil

Minoren - Bodem en ondergrond

This minor looks for solutions to concrete, topical questions and taskings from actual practice that bear on the soil and the subsoil: which parties are all actually using the soil and the subsoil? How can we address the multiple use of soil and subsoil? How does a changing use of space impact existing values, such as archaeological, natural, geological, and cultural-historical values that are present on and in the soil and subsoil? Spatial taskings are focused on the future, but do such projects leave room for future developments? In other words, are our solutions sustainable?

In the Netherlands, climate change in relation to soil subsidence and water management plays an important background role with respect to the above issues. How is this accommodated in spatial development plans?

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The City of Tomorrow

Minoren - De stad van morgen

The key question is how we need to adapt our future approach to the development, planning, and governing of cities and urban networks in order to prepare them for the taskings of the future. This calls for a consideration of the broad societal context in which an urban area operates. This means that in addition to the assessment of physical, social, and/or economic aspects, a balance is sought between these three aspects in relation to future trends and developments.

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Climate-proof City

Minoren - Klimaatbestendige stad

The minor focuses on dealing with climate developments in relation to the large-scale and small-scale planning of urban areas. In this minor, students learn to design areas, cities, and buildings in a climate-proof manner, in order to ensure that residents can continue to live comfortably in the cities, not only now but also in the future.

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Sustainable River Engineering

Minoren - Sustainable river engineering

The Sustainable River Engineering (SRE) minor teaches students to take an integrated look at issues pertaining to rivers, and look for a solution that is future-proof from an economic, technological, and ecological perspective. The minor is provided by HAN University of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering programme, in collaboration with Van Hall Larenstein UAS, Land and Water Management programme. It covers aspects of hydrology, soil engineering, civil engineering, and sustainable area development, yet always linked to and geared to rivers.

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