Green-blue Knowledge Bank

When climate-proofing your environment, you can choose from a range of adaptation measures. How do you find out which measure will be most effective where, and what aspects you need to take into account? The Green-blue Knowledge Bank can help you on your way if you want to know more about the effectiveness of such measures. It contains summaries and highlights of research on adaptation measures. For each measure, it lists the information available on its effectiveness. It also contains several examples of measures that have been implemented.

For whom?

The Green-blue Knowledge Bank is intended for:

  • professionals, both within the government and within other organisations;
  • teachers and students.

How can the knowledge bank be used?

The Green-blue Knowledge Bank can help you to decide on the appropriate adaptation measures to take. Studying the research on the effectiveness of measures and the practical examples contained in this knowledge bank will enable you to efficiently weigh the pros and cons of each measure.

Who has developed the knowledge bank?

The Green-blue Knowledge Bank was developed by Atelier Groenblauw, Deltares research institute, the Climate Adaptation Services foundation, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. The knowledge bank was funded under the National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme - Climate-proof Cities programme.

Date of publication

November 2021