Share My City

Share My City has developed a unique platform: the postcode check enables residents, at a mouse click, to find out which measures for the infiltration, storage or reuse of rain water are appropriate for their living situation. The platform indicates how each measure works, what maintenance it requires, how much water it will store, the costs, and potential subsidies, if any. It also helps municipalities gain insight into private space water storage capacities.

Climate change and urbanisation are putting increasing pressure on urban areas. Waterlogging is causing a lot of damage. Since government bodies only have limited scope for measures, residents must do their part in terms of urban water resilience. The Share My City platform shows residents which measures they can take, geared to their own living situation. Rather than remaining a vague ambition, water storage on private property thus becomes quite concrete and easily achieved.

The tool is available for all the municipalities in the Netherlands. The platform is flexible and thus easily adapts to a wide range of municipal ambitions, even at the district level. It can also be adapted to or integrated into other websites. However, a limited investment is required in each municipality in order to integrate municipality-specific data into the postcode check instrument, to adapt this data to the municipal ambitions, programmes, and communication methods, and to maintain the tool.

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