Waterproof Together

As a result of climate change and urbanisation, cities are increasingly faced with waterlogging. That is why the municipalities in the Waterkring de Baronie collaborative have developed the Waterproof Together platform. This platform features a tool that shows residents the appropriate measures for climate-proofing their houses, tailored to each individual situation. Examples of such measures are the infiltration, storage or re-use of rainwater. The tool shows residents how a particular measure works, any maintenance required, how much water they can store on their premises, the costs involved, and any grants for which they can apply. The tool also helps municipalities to gain insight into the potential water storage capacity of the private space.

The measures that governments are taking in pursuit of urban climate resilience are not sufficient. Residents must also do their part. With the Waterproof Together platform, residents gain insight into the measures they can take, geared to their own living situation. Thus, water storage on private premises becomes quite concrete and easily practicable, rather than remaining a vague wish.

The platform and the tool are presently available to the municipalities in the Waterkring de Baronie region but could be used by all the municipalities in the Netherlands.

  • The platform is flexible and easily adaptable to municipal requirements. For example, the platform can also be spread over several neighbourhoods.
  • Are you – in your capacity as a municipality – interested in the tool? Then you will need a limited budget to:
  • integrate specific data into the postal code checking instrument;
  • adapt the tool to your requirements;
  • develop programmes and communication methods;
  • maintain the tool.

The tool may also be integrated into an existing website.

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