About us

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Portal is the primary platform for climate adaptation issues in the Netherlands. With effect from 11 January 2021, its name changed from Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal to Climate Adaptation Knowledge Portal. The platform can be accessed via its domain name, www.klimaatadaptatienederland.nl.

Why this knowledge portal?

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Portal aims to foster the goal of climate-proofing the Netherlands and enhancing the country’s water resilience. The portal supports the National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NAS) and the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation, a component of the national Delta Programme.

For whom is the knowledge portal intended?

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Portal is intended for government bodies, the business community, educators and students, NGOs, and individual residents. It features all the relevant information that can help them to render the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient.

How has the knowledge portal been developed?

The knowledge portal was developed in 2014 under the Knowledge for Climate research programme and the New Urban Developments and Restructuring Delta Programme. The portal contributes to the implementation of the knowledge amassed within these programmes.

Who manages the knowledge portal?

The knowledge portal is managed and maintained by Foundation CAS (Climate Adaptation Services), under the authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Foundation CAS ensures that the portal is kept up to date with the latest know-how, data, and instruments, in close collaboration with knowledge institutes and consultancies.

Any tips or questions?

We invite you to share tips, comments, or questions regarding the knowledge portal via the contact form.