About us

The Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal is the pre-eminent platform for climate adaptation in the Netherlands. The portal supports the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation and the National Climate Adaptation Strategy. The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is a component of the national Delta Programme, involving collaboration between the central government, provinces, district water boards, and municipalities. NGOs, the business community, and organisations sporting substantial expertise on water issues are also involved.

The portal provides a central information database for governments, private parties, and NGOs to achieve climate-proof and water-resilient planning in the Netherlands. The portal was developed in 2014 as an extension of the Knowledge for Climate research programme and the New Urban Developments and Restructuring Delta Programme; it contributes to the implementation of the knowledge amassed within these programmes.

The Knowledge Portal is managed and maintained by Foundation CAS (Climate Adaptation Services), under the authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Portal is updated with the latest know-how, data and instruments, in close collaboration with knowledge institutes and consultancies. An editorial board composed of representatives from the various user groups (municipalities, water authorities, provinces, consultants) provides advice regarding essential additions or adaptations for optimum use.

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