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This knowledge portal features a range of useful information for embarking on climate adaptation. The information has been structured via the links on this page, which enables quick and easy access to the information you need. The paragraphs below explain why it is imperative to take action without delay. The various images link to the information that could be relevant for you.

Why are we taking action?

The climate is changing. Earth is warming worldwide, and we are being faced with increasingly extreme weather. Such changes are also noticeable in the Netherlands. For example, severe precipitation and higher temperatures are occurring increasingly frequently. To prevent major risks and climate damage, we need to adapt to the consequences of climate change. To this end, we need to render our built and rural areas climate proof and water resilient. This is referred to as climate adaptation. Climate adaptation also opens up a good opportunity for simultaneously creating a more appealing and healthier living environment.

Who can take action?

Everyone! We can all contribute to climate-proofing our environment: government bodies, businesses, NGOs, and residents. In addition, it is important for the education sector to focus sufficient attention on climate adaptation. The images below will point you to information for setting to work.

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