Knowledge dossiers

The knowledge dossiers on this knowledge portal can help you to find out more about a topic. The knowledge dossiers feature many links to interesting examples, studies, fact sheets, tools, guidelines, and so on. Three types of knowledge dossiers can be distinguished:

Knowledge dossiers on the climate themes

Via the images below, you can find out more about the themes of climate change, waterlogging, heat, drought, flooding and urban water quality. For example, did you know that since 1901, the average temperature in our country has risen by more than 2 °C as a result of climate change? And did you know that waterlogging can occur in three different forms, each with its own impact? Click on one of the images below to read more.

Knowledge dossiers on the sectors

The National Climate Adaptation Strategy has elaborated how climate change will impact eleven different sectors. These eleven sectors are listed below. Clicking on a sector will tell you the consequences of climate change that are or will be affecting that sector.

The knowledge dossiers on the sectors are only available in Dutch.

Knowledge dossiers on other relevant topics

In addition to the aforementioned themes and sectors, a great deal of knowledge is also available on other relevant topics. An overview of such topics is presented below. For example, would you like to know how to use greenery in the purview of climate adaptation? Are you interested in options for encouraging residents to engage in climate adaptation? Or do you want to know how to climate proof an industrial estate? Click on one of the images below to read more.

The knowledge dossiers on other relevant topics are only available in Dutch.