Welcome to the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Portal of the Netherlands. The Knowledge Portal is  the primary source of information for everyone engaged in climate adaptation. It features practical information, useful tools, inspiring examples, and the latest news. Together, we will climate-proof the Netherlands.

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Policy and programmes

To make the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient, climate adaptation must be part of policy and implementation at all levels of government. On the Policies and programmes page you can read how this is organised in the Netherlands.

Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is a collective plan of the municipalities, district water boards, provinces, and the central government, aimed at making the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient. The Delta Plan intensifies and speeds up the efforts to combat waterlogging, heat stress, drought, and the impact of urban flooding.

National Climate Adaptation Strategy

Climate change is impacting us more rapidly and more severely than had been expected.It is therefore important to adapt to the changing climate and work together on climate adaptation. The National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NAS) sets the course for climate-proofing the Netherlands. The first version of the NAS was published in 2016. The new NAS will be published in 2026.

Tools to put climate adaptation into practice

On this portal, you will find an overview of tools to get started with climate adaptation. Do you find it difficult to decide which tool you need? Then the decision aid can be useful. Below are examples of tools that are often used.

On the Climate Impact Atlas you can view (future) threats of drought, heat, waterlogging and urban flooding on the map.

The NAS Adaptation Tool enables users to compile a conceptual diagram of their own, geared to their specific field or issue.

The Climate Damage Atlas estimates the damage costs to be expected if we fail to engage in climate adaptation.

The Green-blue Knowledge Bank offers plenty of inspiration if you want to take action in the built environment.

Explore a topic via the knowledge files

Want to know more about a specific topic? Such as drought, heat, waterlogging or flooding? Then dive into the knowledge dossiers on this portal. Below you will find a selection of current knowledge dossiers. You can also view all knowledge dossiers.

Examples of climate adaptation

All over the country, people are taking initiatives to make the Netherlands more climate-proof: from rain barrel campaigns to making an entire neighbourhood climate-proof together. Wondering how others have tackled climate adaptation? You will find plenty of inspiration via the map!

Northwest of the city of Venlo lies Greenport Venlo. Since 2012, the area has developed into a climate adaptive and nature inclusive working landscape.

The village of Feanwâlden has been given a large climate-proof park, including a large pond with 5,000 water plants and several bioswales.

Natuurmonumenten nature conservation organisation commissioned Bureau Stroming to explore what had caused the high water levels in the Geuldal valley during the floods in 2021 and what natural measures would offer the best options for combating future flood issues.

In the spring of 2021, the province of Overijssel set up a rain barrel campaign with professional football club Go Ahead Eagles to increase awareness of the impact of extreme weather among a broad-based group of residents.