Green-Blue Grids

Half of Earth’s population lives in a city, and in the future, this number will only increase. Climate change, increasing urbanisation, and the depletion of fossil fuels will force cities to adapt in order to continue to provide comfortable and healthy living spaces. The Urban Green-blue Grids website can help to achieve this. The website contains a databank in which filters enable you to find out which green-blue measures are most appropriate in a specific situation. For each measure, data is presented on its effectiveness. Furthermore, the website contains summaries and highlights of research in the field of adaptation measures. In addition, it presents attractive projects and adaptation measures that can serve as a source of inspiration.

For whom?

The Urban Green-blue Grids website is intended for:

  • professionals, working for the government or for other organisations;
  • teachers and college students

How can it be used?

The Urban Green-blue Grids website can help to choose adaptation measures for a particular location. Use the filters to search for the measures that are most appropriate for your location. Exploring the studies and practical examples relating to the effectiveness of measures will help you to weigh the pros and cons.

Who has developed the website?

The Urban Green-blue Grids website has been developed by Atelier Groenblauw, Deltares research institute, Climate Adaptation Services, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Groningen University of Applied Sciences. The databank was funded by the NKWK Climate-proof Cities focus area.

Date of publication

November 2023