In the construction and maintenance of this website, considerable attention has been paid to accessibility, quality, and retrievability. We endeavour to make all the information on our websites available in a manner that enables everyone to use it. In addition to ensuring that the information on our website is easily accessible in terms of technology, we are also aiming to keep the language as simple as possible.

One of the instruments to achieve easy access is the Web Guidelines Application Framework. These guidelines pertain to the design, construction, and management of websites. They are based on international standards regarding quality and accessibility, and on field-tested solutions.


The web guidelines entail several advantages for website managers and visitors:

  • The website is optimised for search engines;
  • The website works on all systems;
  • The website is well prepared for the future;
  • The website is customer-friendly;
  • The website is easily maintained, which makes it easier to keep up to date;
  • The website works faster.


In several situations, the technical guidelines regarding accessibility cannot be observed without compromising the quality of the information provided. In such cases, an optimum alternative will be provided.

Do you have any questions or tips regarding the accessibility of this website? Then please contact us via the contact form.