Policy and programmes

As a result of climate change, the Netherlands will be faced with more frequent and more severe waterlogging, heat, drought, and urban flooding. This poses risks to our economy, health, and safety. For that reason, the Dutch government has formulated several ambitions for minimising the impact of climate change. Two programmes constitute the basis for these ambitions:

National Climate Adaptation Strategy

Nationale Adaptatie Strategie 2016

The National Climate Adaptation Strategy 2016 (NAS) describes the main climate risks facing the Netherlands and sets the course for addressing these risks. The NAS Programme Team has translated this course into plans and actions, set out in the Implementation Programme 2018 – 2019. In their report entitled National Climate Adaptation Perspective, the team reviews what has been accomplished thus far, and looks ahead to the future.

Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation

Deltaplan Ruimtelijke Adaptatie

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is a joint plan of the Dutch municipalities, district water boards, provinces, and the central government. It is intended to give impetus to spatial adaptation and to intensify the efforts being expended. This Plan sets out that by no later than the end of 2019, all the governments must have mapped out their vulnerabilities by conducting stress tests. By no later than the end of 2020, they must have conducted risk dialogues with all the relevant parties.

In 2020, spatial adaptation will be embedded in policy and implementation at all government levels. The ultimate ambition is for the Netherlands to be water-resilient and climate-proof by 2050.

Climate adaptation is being expedited and supported in a wide variety of ways, under various programmes and initiatives. Click on the tiles for more information.

Promoting and facilitating

Stimuleren en faciliteren

The national government is promoting and facilitating climate adaptation. Several programmes have been set up.

Climate-proof Together

Team Samen Klimaatbestendig

The Climate-proof Together team helps you in your quest for practical expertise and experience.

NKWK Climate-proof Cities


The Climate-proof City focus area fosters knowledge development and knowledge dissemination.

Global Centre on Climate Adaptation

Global center

Global top knowledge centre, providing knowledge and advisory support in the field of climate adaptation.

Administrative Agreement on Climate Adaptation signed

Ondertekening bestuursakkoord klimaatadaptatie

In the years ahead, a total of 600 million euros will be set aside by all levels of government to improve the Netherlands’ resilience against the impact of climate change.

Vital and vulnerable functions


A flood will disrupt society, if essential facilities are damaged.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring en evaluatie

Monitoring progress and learning from one another, timely identifying developments and obstacles.

International perspective

International perspective

Climate change does not stop at the border. For that reason, international coordination of climate adaptation efforts is important.