NAS adaptation tool

They were first used in the National Climate Adaptation Strategy 2016 (NAS): the NAS conceptual diagrams. These four familiar national NAS conceptual diagrams show the impact of the following climate effects:

  • It is becoming warmer
  • It is becoming wetter
  • It is becoming drier
  • The sea level is rising

The NAS conceptual diagrams provide a visual summary of the main climate trends, the climate effects, and their impact. The diagrams are based on the latest scientific knowledge of climate change. Conceptual diagrams are also available for various sectors.

The NAS Adaptation Tool that was launched in 2018 enables users to compile a customised conceptual diagram for their own field of work. The NAS conceptual diagrams help you to gain more insight into the opportunities and risks entailed in climate change. They are also helpful when seeking additional knowledge or collaboration partners.