Climate Damage Atlas

More extreme downpours, heat, and drought will occur more and more frequently as a result of climate change. These climate effects are causing damage at a range of levels. The Climate Damage Atlas tool estimates the damage costs to be expected if we fail to engage in climate adaptation.

The Climate Damage Atlas tool estimates the damage that will be caused by waterlogging, heat, and drought in the Netherlands during the period 2018 to 2050. For each municipal resident, the tool provides an estimate of various types of damage, such as additional hospitalisations resulting from heat and damage to buildings as a result of waterlogging. In addition, the tool presents the residual risk with respect to primary water system flooding.

The information is available free of charge and all data is public. More information on the method is provided on the tool website and the associated report. Any questions or comments regarding the tool? Please contact us via the Spatial Adaptation Helpdesk.

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