Climate change is adding to the probability of flooding in unprotected areas of the Netherlands. It is also making the consequences of flooding more severe.

Limburg flooding in 2021 was due to extreme rain

In July 2021, floods in Germany and Belgium caused fatalities due to extreme rain. In the stream valleys of Limburg, this 'water bomb' caused floods resulting in extensive damage.  It was an event that even climate stress tests had not yet taken into account. A consortium from NKWK developed a method in 2022 and 2023 that gives you insight per area into the consequences such a 'water bomb' can have there. The researchers have also developed a guide for the supra-regional stress tests for waterlogging and flooding.

This dossier sets out how the probability of flooding is increasing as a result of climate change, how vulnerable the Netherlands is to floods, and what the consequences of a flood might be. You can also read what we can do to reduce the chance of flooding and how we can limit the consequences if it does go wrong.

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