Risk Dialogue Roadmap

The risk dialogue is one of the seven ambitions set out in the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation. It is the step in between the stress test and drawing up a climate adaptation implementation programme. It involves a process comprising multiple interviews with a wide range of parties. A risk dialogue addresses an area’s vulnerabilities to waterlogging, heat stress, drought, and flood risks. The parties make well-considered choices and develop ambitions that can be set down in a climate adaptation strategy.

The Risk Dialogue Roadmap helps you on your way when you are engaged in – or embarking on – a risk dialogue. Via the adjoining menu you will find answers to frequently asked questions, including a range of tips, tools, and inspiring examples. The questions have been divided into four categories: general, preparation, conducting, and completion. Would you like to get going right away or avoid spending too much time on the risk dialogue? Then read the information on the short route. It will take you five minutes to read.

The short route sets out the minimum steps required in the risk dialogue process. You can include additional steps if you have more time. The general, preparation, conducting, and completion pages provide more information on the steps.

The 'Risk dialogue roadmap' is only available in Dutch.

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