Impact projects

Supporting Impact Projects – leading projects in the field of spatial adaptation – is a key component of the Spatial Adaptation Incentive Programme. Impact Projects are examples of the realisation of a climate-proof area, or they address a relevant issue. In many cases, the parties involved in the project are collaborating on climate-proofing cities, on improving the water resilience of an area, on vital and vulnerable objects, and on smart combinations for multi-layer flood risk management and other societal taskings. Between 2015 and 2017, fifteen Impact Projects were selected in three rounds. For an overview, see “Impact Projects selected earlier (rounds 1-3)".

Fourth round

In July 2018, eight new Impact Projects have been selected. This fourth round of Impact Projects addresses ambition no. 2 of the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation: conducting a risk dialogue and drawing up a strategy. The focus is on raising awareness of vulnerabilities to climate extremes and discussing concrete measures to reduce such vulnerability – with all the relevant regional partners. See Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation.

The eight Impact Projects selected will be provided with support in the form of process supervision, advice, design capacity or calculation capacity to a maximum value of 25,000 euros including VAT.