Island Voices

In the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, the effects of climate change are already being felt by people on the islands. It is getting warmer, periods of drought are increasing and when rain falls, much more falls in a shorter period of time. Moreover, hurricanes are becoming more powerful. How should the islands adapt to this? What is happening to prepare the islands and islanders for the future? In the series of interviews ‘Island Voices’, residents from different islands and with different areas of expertise talk about how they view climate change and adaptation.

In this first interview, meet Kimani Kitson-Walters and Anna Maitz. Kimani is policy advisor on Agriculture, Nature and Environment on St Eustatius. Anna  is programme manager of the NEPP (Nature and Environment Policy Plan) on St Eustatius.

In this second interview, Pédzi Flores-Girigori, Head of Operational Meteorology at the Meteorological Department Curaçao, explains why she considers climate adaptation important, what motivates her and how she views the future of Curaçao.