Lizard Climate Atlas

Climate change brings about severe precipitation, prolonged drought, and extreme heat. Obviously, this will impact your municipality. Just how large will this impact be? And where in your municipality will this cause problems?

The Lizard Climate Atlas quantifies and maps out the impact of climate change. The Atlas is an ideal means of communication within your municipal organisation. The online portal can also be used to inform, motivate, and activate residents and businesses. The Lizard Climate Atlas thus involves a concrete substantiation of the “Analysis – Ambition – Action” steps from the national Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation.

Information to be made available in the Climate Atlas:

  • Waterlogging & channels
  • Vulnerable premises & damage
  • Accessibility of roads
  • Heat stress & trees
  • Water label
  • Land use
  • Flow slides
  • Green rooftops
  • Reports by residents

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