BiodiverCity is a web-based tool ( that calculates biodiversity scores based on the green and blue designs of urban areas: a score that expresses an area’s biodiversity potential. Municipal project leaders, project developers, urban development experts, environmental consultants, and urban ecologists can use BiodiverCity to embed biodiversity into the spatial planning of new or existing districts.

To determine an area’s biodiversity performance, BiodiverCity uses a comprehensive database containing information on greenery, water elements, and target species. This ensures that areas develop greenery that is more sustainable, that has its natural habitat in the area, and that is easier to manage. In addition, the website provides practical information on the planning, management, and costs of the various biotopes, thus offering inspiration and expertise for optimising the urban development design in terms of biodiversity. The BiodiverCity performance tool can be used independently; it is also incorporated into the DPL sustainability tool (the Dutch acronym DPL stands for the Sustainability Profile of a Location). The input data that BiodiverCity uses for its calculations is based on information that is available within municipalities or easily obtainable.

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