BREEAM-NL sustainability label

Would you like to demonstrate how sustainable your construction project is? Then apply for certification with the BREEAM-NL sustainability label. The BREEAM-NL method assesses the sustainability of a project by reference to various themes, such as spatial planning, sources, welfare & prosperity, regional climate, health, energy, and water.

The method can be used for the certification of four types of construction projects:

  • Area Development, (re)development of areas;
  • New Construction and Renovation, new construction projects and large-scale renovations;
  • In-Use, existing utility buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and offices;
  • Demolition and Disassembly, demolition projects.

The first three labels comprise guidelines that assess the climate resilience of buildings and areas:

  • The Area Development label features guidelines for the assessment of heat stress, flood risks, and waterlogging;
  • The New Construction and Renovation label features a guideline for the assessment of waterlogging;
  • The In-Uselabel features guidelines for the assessment of flood risks and natural disasters.

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