Climate Damage Monitor

Extreme weather, such as hail or severe precipitation, can cause substantial damage. The Climate Damage Monitor shows how much insured damage extreme weather has caused over recent years. The figures mainly pertain to damage to private property, supplemented by commercial damage ensuing from the largest damage events.

The Monitor shows the damage caused by hail, storm, precipitation, lightning, flooding, and frost during the years 2007 up to and including 2021. The damage can also be viewed per sector and per region. The “fire” sector pertains to house-related insurances, such as home insurance and fire & theft insurance. The motor vehicle sector pertains to motor vehicle insurances, such as bodywork insurance.

For whom?

The Climate Damage Monitor is intended for:

  • professionals, both government officials and those working for other organisations;
  • residents and businesses.

How can it be used?

The goal of the Climate Damage Monitor is to visualise how extreme weather is impacting the Netherlands. The Climate Damage Monitor shows, at the provincial and even municipal level, where extreme weather has occurred and what consequences have ensued.

Who has developed the Monitor?

The Data Analytics Centre (DAC) of the Dutch Association of Insurers has developed the Climate Damage Monitor. In addition, the Dutch Association of Insurers is working on monitoring climate impacts within a more comprehensive coalition, comprising, e.g., Wageningen University, several provinces, and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI.

Date of publication

October 2022