Day of Adaptation

The Day of Adaptation foundation helps organisations and communities to set up fun activities aimed at tackling climate risks. Day of Adaptation involves a one-day activity focused on creating awareness of climate change and on developing relevant actions. By focusing attention on what climate change entails – at the workplace and at home – the issue is concretely connected to “personal liveability”. This constitutes a fertile point of departure for action. Both adaptation and mitigation are addressed. The day can be substantiated as either a Dialogue Day or a Game Day.

A Dialogue Day focuses on all the organisations (including communities) that are interested in learning more about their “climate change story”. By way of structured discussions and reflections, we collectively find out what exactly climate change entails for the organisation, and what its staff can do about it. A Game Day serves the same purpose but involves an interactive board game rather than a dialogue. Day of Adaptation thus assists organisations and communities that wish to enable their staff or members to tackle climate risks.

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Day of adaptation