Design your climate schoolyard

Climate schoolyards are schoolyards in which children can run, clamber, mess around, hide, and chill. A climate schoolyard features far more nature than ordinary schoolyards. And that is a good thing, because the climate is changing. “Design your climate schoolyard” is a serious game in which children can design their own 3D climate schoolyard.

What does the game look like?

The serious game has a website structure and comprises two sections:

  1. An input portal, on which the teacher can draw the current schoolyard and set down the climate ambition;
  2. A design portal, on which pupils can plan their own school environment.

For whom is this game intended?

This game is intended for all the organisations that wish to green their schoolyards and involve children in the design process. Such organisations may be government bodies, such as provinces, district water boards or municipalities; they could also be school boards, real estate developers, landscaping companies, or (landscape) designers.

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