Effectiveness of climate adaptation measures

This table provides an overview of the effects of several climate adaptation measures. The table focuses on measures to contain damage caused by heat, drought or rainwater in the immediate vicinity or sphere of influence of individual residents (outdoor areas, buildings, and behaviour).

The table does not cover measures in other domains, such as spatial planning, healthcare, and urban development, and measures aimed at other consequences of climate change, such as storm, hail, heat, water quality, and urban flooding.

The effects of the measures are presented in relation to one another, vis-à-vis the reference situation without any measures being implemented. The table does not reflect the efficiency of measures, i.e., whether a measure is financially attractive. Such considerations are influenced by local circumstances, scale size, and ancillary goals.

Download the table (pdf, 125 kB).

De effectiviteit van klimaatadaptatiemaatregelen