Guidelines for Climate-adaptive and Nature-inclusive Roads

The Guidelines for Climate-adaptive and Nature-inclusive Roads shows how nature-inclusive, yet climate-adaptive measures can be accommodated in road construction and maintenance. The guidelines comprise a table of model measures, interviews with principals and contractors, and tips relating to the various project phases.

For whom?

These guidelines are intended for principals and contractors in the soil and civil engineering sectors. They are focused on principals and contractors who are still familiarising themselves with climate adaptation and nature-inclusive construction.

How can the guidelines be used?

The guidelines can help to embark on more sustainable soil and civil engineering methods. They contain tips and examples for accommodating measures that are both climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive. Rather than providing an exhaustive picture, the guidelines are intended to inspire and to inform.

Who has developed the guidelines?

The guidelines are the product of a collaboration between Bouwend Nederland contractors’ association and Aveco de Bondt consultants. The following parties have been interviewed in the purview of these guidelines: municipality of Leiden, province of Noord-Brabant, province of Zuid-Holland, AW-Groep, Boskalis, Dura Vermeer, Gebr. Van Kessel, and Heijmans.

Date of publication

13 June 2022