Guidelines for nature inclusive building in the purview of human health

A green and healthy living environment is gaining increasingly more attention. In a green neighbourhood, residents feel healthier, experience less stress, and consult their GP less frequently. What green measures can be implemented and what health effects can be expected? This is outlined in the Guidelines for Nature Inclusive Building in the Purview of Human Health. The Guidelines consist of a top ten of green measures, along with the positive impact each measure will have. In addition to the positive effects, potential bottlenecks are also listed for each measure. All the health effects listed are based on scientific research.

For whom?

Municipalities, principals, policy makers, urban planners, landscape architects, project developers, and construction companies.

How can the document be used?

These guidelines can be used when constructing or renovating residential areas. Most of the measures can also be implemented at locations where people work, e.g., office sites and industrial estates. They are also suitable for health care premises. The measures in the guidelines are sequenced by scale level, ranging from major to minor. In the back, the document contains a table summarizing the measures and effects, and a list of sources and tips for further reading.

Who has developed the document?

These guidelines have been developed by KAN Bouwen.

Date of publication

22 June 2023