Heat in the Built Environment – Menu Map

Climate change requires municipalities to prepare for increasing heatwaves. The Heat in the Built Environment Menu Map provides an instant picture of the steps that municipalities can already take and of the heat-proofing measures they can already implement in concert with other parties. The menu map is annually updated with new insights and new measures.

For whom?

This tool is intended for municipal policy staff.

How can it be used?

Municipalities can use the menu map to develop, in concert with stakeholders, a heat programme for the themes of Health, Buildings, and Areas. For each measure, tips are provided on what it takes to implement the measure. The menu map can be downloaded as an infographic, suitable for large-scale prints, in order to determine which heat-related issues, goals, and measures have top priority and which have lowest priority.

Who has developed the menu map?

The Heat in the Built Environment Menu Map was developed by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), in collaboration with Klimaatverbond, TAUW, and &Flux consultants.

Date of publication

29 November 2022