InfoWorks ICM

Climate change is going to test the capacity of our water system to an ever-increasing extent. For that reason, it is essential for water managers to have the proper instruments at their disposal, in order for them to be able to take decisions aimed at preventing waterlogging.

The integrated water modelling package InfoWorks ICM calculates the run-off of surface water and urban waste water in a single model. In addition to the run-off in the water systems themselves (1D), users may also simulate run-off across the whole area (2D). InfoWorks ICM can thus be used for the following purposes:

  • mapping out floods and flood risks;
  • determining the exact cause of a flood;
  • assessing planning measures (such as peak water storage, infiltration);
  • interaction between surface water and urban waste water;
  • impact of climate scenarios and urban/industrial development;
  • design/management of water infrastructure;
  • water pollution and sedimentation;
  • calculating damage;
  • real-time flood predictions.

ICM thus constitutes the ideal means of communication between district water boards, municipal authorities, research agencies, and any other stakeholders.

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