Linkage opportunities: Discussion Map

The Netherlands is faced with major taskings in several fields, such as climate adaptation, housing, and the energy transition. Urban areas, in particular, appear to lack the space to tackle all these taskings individually. However, even these areas offer more possibilities than you would think. The Discussion Map (jpg, 2.4 MB) helps to make efficient use of the limited space, both overground and underground.

What is the purpose of the Discussion Map?

The Discussion Map is intended to encourage people to explore ways to make efficient use of public and private space. A single location offers room for addressing several goals concurrently. In addition, investments can be combined in several ways, which helps to save construction and maintenance costs. The Discussion Map thus helps to put space and money to more efficient use when addressing current and future issues.

How can the Discussion Map help you?

The Discussion Map helps you to broaden your perspective of spatial planning: adopting a different view, based on various future values of an area. What additional values can be realised using investments that you had already planned? Can you move up investments in order to realise multiple goals concurrently, and at the same location? For example, by calling on funds? Or by efficiently combining several flows of funding? Such investments could definitely include business models that generate profits and enable costs to be recovered, for example, by linking climate adaptation to the energy transition or tourism.

For whom is the Discussion Map intended?

The Discussion Map is a useful tool for anyone actively engaged in the renovation or planning of our space, from government policy makers to project developers.