Multi-functional Roofs Fact sheet

Are you interested in finding out more about sustainable rooftops? The National Rooftop Plan document entitled Facts & Values Multifunctionele Daken (pdf, 3.6 MB) can help you. It sets out all the advantages of sustainable roofs in a single, clear overview. For example, did you know that a green rooftop remains up to 35 degrees cooler than traditional rooftops? Or that roofing material underneath a green rooftop lasts twice as long? The fact sheet shows all the different advantages at a glance. It also explains how to combine greenery with other functions such as human health, energy consumption, and even social cohesion. And it refutes the fairy tales that are going around about sustainable rooftops.

More information on how to construct a green rooftop can be found in the Guidelines for Natural Roofs.

Date of publication

June 2023