NL Area Label

NL Area Label is a method for assessing the sustainability of outdoor areas. The method ensures that your design, realisation, and management strategies are sustainable and integrated.

For whom?

Municipal policy staff and real estate developers.

How can this method be used?

NL Area Label helps to map out your sustainable area development ambitions at an early stage. The label safeguards your ambitions during the work process and renders them measurable. NL Area Label provides insight into the current situation, outlines more sustainable options, and identifies actual, feasible opportunities. NL Area Label is based on the following themes:

  • Starting points for development;
  • Products and materialisation;
  • Mobility;
  • Energy and climate resilience;
  • Soil and water;
  • Biodiversity and landscape values;
  • People and public health;
  • Embedding.

The results and recommendations will be set down in a report, which awards scores ranging from A (excellent) up to and including G.

Who has developed NL Area Label?

NL Area Label has been developed by NL Greenlabel.