Outdoors Planning Tool (BRIT)

BRIT is a new method for planners and project leaders of municipal and regional bodies, involving a creative approach to the design of public space in collaboration with residents. BRIT enables residents to weigh in on the redevelopment of public space, within the preconditions set. Residents receive a certain budget and need to earn a number of sustainability credits in order for their design to meet the standards in terms of climate resilience. Apart from that, the residents are entirely free to plan the public space as they see fit. The use of BRIT provides insight into the aspects involved in redevelopments, such as cost, use of space, water storage, cooling, and biodiversity. Furthermore, the wishes of local residents are incorporated into the design right from the very start.

BRIT has been developed by the innovation lab of the municipality of Stichtse Vecht, in collaboration with IMAGEN planning agency; consequently, it is practical in nature. The method can be used for (re)development projects of playgrounds, grass plots, squares, and parking facilities.

BRIT tool

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