Have you conducted a stress test? Then use the interactive STAIN tool to embark on risk dialogues. What does STAIN do?

  • It invites you to conduct various risk dialogues and set up an overall strategy;
  • It helps you to assess ways to render a city climate-proof and water-resilient.

STAIN supports your AMBITIONS and expedites the steps you need to take to proceed from ANALYSIS to ACTION.


We have set up workshops on working with STAIN. You may participate as a municipal climate team or, if you prefer, with external stakeholders. Each workshop is focused on the know-how of the participants regarding their municipality or city. Based on different points of departure and ambitions, the participants collectively develop a vision and a strategy. STAIN does not just encourage you to think about protective measures. The tool also challenges you to explore measures that raise awareness, boost acceptance, and increase the coping capacity of residents, or that have a social impact. Finally, during the workshop we will be exploring ways in which measures may boost one another, in order to optimise their contribution to the strategy.

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