Sustainability profile of industrial estates

The Sustainability Profile of Industrial Estates (Dutch acronym: DPL-BT) is the pre-eminent instrument to gauge the sustainability of an industrial estate. On the basis of 18 aspects of sustainability, the computer program measures the sustainable quality and thus supports the revitalisation of industrial estates. Since 2013, DPL-BT projects have been carried out on 25 estates in 15 municipalities.

The 18 aspects provide an instant picture of the performance of the industrial estate in terms of sustainability: on which aspects it scores well, and which aspects are capable of improvement. The estate manager, entrepreneurs, and the municipality participate in a workshop to explore appropriate and feasible measures. Together, they review the feasibility of the proposed measures, which parties can contribute, and the costs and benefits. LED lighting, collective security, solar panels, fibre-optic network, energy savings, improved bicycle lanes; the options are diverse.

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