Urban Green Finance Serious Game

Are you interested in greening urban areas and rendering them climate-adaptive? For example, are you planning to re-design an existing industrial estate, or to develop a new residential area? The Urban Green Finance Serious Game is a fast way to gain insight into the opportunities and bottlenecks. Within a short period of time, this role play teaches you to cope with the dynamics of a planning process. It also offers a range of opportunities to interlink greening and climate adaptation taskings.

The Serious Game is suitable for municipalities, project developers, district water boards, and financiers. There is a standard version, but you may also have the game geared to your own situation. The game is part of a workshop which also involves reflection on the process and the results. You may play the game at internal meetings, for example, to get a better idea of the playing field. It is also an excellent game to play at a meeting with different types of stakeholders. The Serious Game is available in both English and Dutch.

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