Urban greenery fact sheets

Trees and greenery in cities have a host of positive effects on the environment: they improve the soil hydrology, curb urban warming, and enhance the air quality. In addition, trees and greenery increase biodiversity, they enhance the liveability of the environment, and have a positive influence on public health. This page features several fact sheets and two posters that can help to substantiate policy and decisions on greenery in spatial planning.

Fact sheets

Are you interested in substantiating policy and decisions on greenery? The fact sheets below will be of use. Categorised by theme, they provide a summary of all the scientific knowledge on the positive effects of trees and greenery. In addition, practical information is provided on how to realise greenery in spatial planning.

  1. Fact sheets from the e-depotof Wageningen University & Research Centre:
  1. Fact sheets of the Green City website

Posters on trees

In addition, two posters have been compiled focusing on how trees influence the living environment:

  • The Tree poster (pdf, 1.3 MB) features 120 tree species. For each species, it shows the positive impact on the living environment. This tree poster goes with the fact sheets from the e-depot of Wageningen University & Research Centre.
  • The “Trees make the difference” poster (pdf, 4.2 MB) shows how trees enhance the living environment. Municipalities may use this poster, for example, when drawing up comprehensive visions for the physical environment. The poster has been compiled by the Bomenwacht Nederland.

Factsheet groen in de stad