Do not wait for water

Our climate is changing. Severe downpours occur increasingly frequently. They cause sudden flooding and may have serious consequences. The “Do not wait for water” website helps residents to prepare for sudden flooding. In addition to tips, the website also contains information on steps to be taken in the event of flooding. What should you do and what should you not do?

For whom?

Residents of areas that are prone to flooding.

How can the website be used?

The “Do not wait for water” website contains tips that help residents to prepare for the impact of extreme downpours. The tips are divided into three categories: measures to be taken prior to flooding; measures during a flood; and measures for after a flood. The website is intended to provide residents with tools to reduce nuisance and damage, and to enable them to learn from the inspiring experience and stories of residents who have been through the flooding that hit the province of Limburg in 2021.

Who has developed the website?

The “Do not wait for water” website has been developed under the Limburg Flood Risk Management and Spatial Planning (WRL) programme, in collaboration with the Limburg-Noord and Zuid-Limburg security regions.

Date of publication

July 2023

Wacht niet op water

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