Water Label

Containing urban waterlogging calls for government measures. However, private properties account for half of the city surface area. This means that residents can also take measures to climate-proof their city.

But how do you reach all the residents of a city? Many people are unaware of the actions they can take themselves. The Water Label provides insight and suggests solutions.

Awareness & Action perspective

The Water Label provides information on the rainwater retention capacity of houses, gardens, and balconies. Calculation of a Water Label is free for everyone. Tips are provided about effective measures to be taken.

Monitoring instrument

Benchmarking facilitates completion of the test and helps to gain an impression of the status of private properties in your management area. Furthermore, a benchmark will provide a good picture of the effectiveness of your policy. Finally, by combining Water Labels with stress test results, you will gain an overall picture on the basis of which you can prioritise your spatial adaptation strategy.

Calculate your Water Label