Risk Dialogue Roadmap

Have you conducted stress tests in your capacity as a municipality or district water board, and mapped out your area’s vulnerabilities to extreme weather? The next step involves a risk dialogue: discussing the risks, the protection levels, and the measures with relevant parties. However, who are these parties and how do you conduct these discussions? That is where the Risk Dialogue Roadmap will come in handy.

The Risk Dialogue Roadmap answers many questions regarding the risk dialogue, and provides examples and inspiring tips. Those who wish to get started right away can follow the short route. Those who have more time can take the extensive route. The roadmap helps you on your way in preparing, conducting, and completing a risk dialogue. By reference to frequently asked questions, the roadmap will lead you through the risk dialogue process. The essence of this process is how to assess the risks: what is acceptable and what is not? The parties involved set down the ambition, the strategy, and the measures in concert.

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